The farm

First of all, an expert staff was set up (livestock breeders, veterinarians, agrarians). Corrals were constructed and provided with optimal ventilation and temperature regimes, good natural light; each animal had area to move and rest. Livestock of Schwitz and Simmental meat and dairy breeds with minimal milk yield of 6000 kilogrammes per year were imported. The cattle were brought from Germany, namely from Bavaria where the altitude from sea level was the same as at the Armenian farm. This circumstance helped the cattle to better adapt to the new place. Machine-milking is arranged, allowing for the increased milk production corresponding to all hygiene and sanitary standards. It should be noted that the milking process is accompanied by classical music contributing to effective milking. The insemination time frame is arranged so that a certain number of cows are at lactation peak all the year round, so fresh milk is available regularly during the whole year. Insemination is carried out artificially with semen imported from Germany, in order to maintain pure breed and continue the breeding process.

Special attention is paid to cattle feeding. The stock is divided into groups by age and sex; individual diet is developed for each group including succulent feed, cereals, vitamins and minerals.

In order to prepare fodder the company has purchased equipment to produce combined feed from the crops, a special mobile device that prepares and distributes the final homogeneous feed mass to the cattle in accordance with the ration specified by the operator. In order to regularly provide the stock with quality feed and reduce the risks related to delivery failures or increased feed prices, the Dilly Company adopted the policy of self-sufficiency and created huge fodder supplies.

Feed storehouses were built; plots as well as farming machines were purchased and leased. The land is manured solely with the farm's livestock waste; this is done to maintain the ecological purity of milk produced at the farm.

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