About company

The Dilly Company was founded in 2005 in Armenia. In 2005 the company built a factory farm complex in one of the most picturesque regions of Armenia, in Dilijan, aiming at production and sale of ecological dairy produce meeting the international quality standards. The complex premises make up around 9000 sq.m. including the farm, the production area, the garage and storage facilities.

When designing and constructing the farm, the most up-to-date ideas of stock keeping were taken into account. Pedigree good milker cows (Schwitz and Simmental breed) were imported from Germany; their milk yield amounts to 6000 kilogrammes of high quality milk per year. In order to ensure continuous provision of quality fodder for the cows, the company leased plots with Alpine meadows in the regions of Armenia and also set up large fodder supply that is being constantly replenished.

These facilities along with efficient management allows for sustainable, year-round production of fresh, natural and ecological milk.
Equipment for milk processing and production of dairy produce was imported from Italy and installed by Italian experts. Since the company’s main product is the Italian Mozzarella cheese, the company cooperates with an Italian expert ranked among the top ten cheese makers in Italy. The chief slogan of the company is production of natural goods without chemical agents (preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers, etc).

Since August 2006 the company has been producing Italian Mozzarella, Mozzarella Pizza Cheese and Ricotta cheese as well as Armenian Cheese, a sort of cheese traditionally produced in Armenia. The company produces also cream and rendered butter.

Having consolidated its position on the Armenian market the company started to export its produce in 2007 and is going to increase its export potential in the future.

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