Equipment for milk processing and dairy production was imported from Italy; it was installed and put into operation by Italian experts. Since the company’s main produce is the Italian Mozzarella cheese, the company invited an Italian expert ranked among the top ten cheese makers in Italy. He helped to set up the production and trained our local specialists. Several times a year the expert comes to Armenia to support and oversee the production.

There is a laboratory with modern equipment for control over the quality of milk and other production. The company pays much attention to observance of hygiene and sanitary norms and regulations; and it was not by chance that the Dilly company was the first in Armenia to be awarded a certificate in 2007 certifying that the system of the company's food stuff security management meets the requirements of the international ISO 22000 standard.

The milk is transferred from the milk room into the production area through pipes to undergo all the necessary stages of processing; later the milk goes into special cheese basins where the process of cheese production starts. Special equipment is used for mozzarella production; the cheese mass is being processed into plastic paste which yields mozzarella of different types and forms.

By the end of the working day part of the production is taken to special salting basins, another part is packed and transferred to different refrigerating areas where the temperature regime required for different products is maintained. The consumers receive the production on special vehicles equipped to maintain the necessary storage temperature during the transportation.

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